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Skincare Spatula - The Collective Global
Skincare Spatula - The Collective GlobalSkincare Spatula - The Collective Global


Skincare Spatula


The hygienic way to use your skincare products.

Still dipping your fingers into your favorite skincare products? Our hands are bacteria carriers, so you may want to start using our Skincare Spatula! Made from durable stainless steel, our reusable tool isn’t just your hygienic solution to keeping your products germs-free (fact: this extends their lifespans), but it also helps you scoop out just the right amount to prevent waste. Its sleek shape accesses the inner nooks and crannies of everything from eye creams to moisturizer jars, so you can use up every bit of your products. Our Skincare Spatula also has a small hole at the handle, so you can hang it anywhere for easy storage.

Stainless Steel

How to Use+
  1. Dip the clean Skincare Spatula into the product and apply evenly to your skin.
  2. For liquid products such as serums and face oils, dispense the product to the Skincare Spatula and apply evenly to your skin.
  3. Wash your spatula with soap and water after every use, then air dry.

Reviews & Questions

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A little skincare spoon

This is nice to have especially when you have skincare products you need to dip your fingers in - it makes it more sanitary and clean! Love the small hole at the end of the handle I can just hang it in my bathroom.

Skincare spatula

Helps your skincare and makeup to stay clean and sanitized. Simply use this instead of your fingers to pickup products or when mixing products. Easy to carry and easy to clean.

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